kt001: the american w - for prepared guitar cdr (Out of Print)

Demos recorded for a live performance at the Eastern Edge in August 2004.
Brushes, paper, knives and compression are used to make a guitar
warble, clang, and generally sound strange. Spray painted cases and hand made covers.
Edition of 10.

kt002: the american w - impacted on top cs (Out of Print)

Tracks recorded on the 25th on December 2004 using the Enord Flux program.
Each track is sampled from a cassette bought at the Salvation Army. The
resultant sounds have been recorded back on to the sources (except a
couple crapped out so I had to replace 'em). Photocopied covers
featuring a drawing of an East German politician, and spray painted tapes.
Edition of 5

kt003: vikkkings - huts 3"cdr (Out of Print)

The one you've been waiting for! More sickness from California. One 18+
minute track that will either kill you or make you smile. Low end and
rumble-y, but it has a flowing quality as well. If eagles (the animals,
not the band) listened to noise, this is what they would listen to.
Hand painted covers made with a woodcut and printed on 90 lb Hot Press paper.
Edition of 23.

kt004: the american w - john coletrane's funeral diskette (Out of Print)

The shortest track you'll ever hear. Can be used as a standalone track,
a loop or a sound source for performance. Strange and echo-y. Edition of 5.

kt005: the seven arts - train doors open like mouths 3”cdr (Out of Print)

Two tracks of laptop destruction. Fevered ranting and piercing feedback
rumble from the streets from New York and Fargone Records. Spray
painted jewel cases and hand made paper slipcovers. Edition of 7.

kt006: nkondi - obnoxioussunshineodium (springbreakmix) b card cdr (Out of Print)

kt007: nkondi - obnoxioussunshineodium (hangovermix) b card cdr (Out of Print)

Sick pedal implosions from Portland's nkondi. Total tone destruction.
One is the call, the other the reply. Spray painted and stencilled covers.
Edition of 10 each.

kt008: vikkkings – trenched coat + 3 cdr ($4)

Reissue of the 3”cdr with extra tracks. The is the alpha and omega of the vikkkings opus: their embryonic squeals and stabs paired with more recent sessions. For those who enjoyed the “Football!” cdr, this will be a welcome addition to your collection. Spray painted covers and CDrs. Edition of 20. “Fuck You Coach!!!”

kt009: the cherry point/vikkkings – split c30 (Out of Print)

Finally, this long overdue split sees the light of day! The Cherry Point provides a typically brutal slab of grind and churn hatred. 15 minutes of unrelenting harsh noise. Vikkkings return with their best material to date: high-pitched stabs of sound dogfight above a swirling mass of pedal sludge, all anchored together by a repetitive drum sample. This won’t disappoint. Edition of 24.

kt010: sunshine california - gross tape c10 (Out of Print)

Rather than going for a sparser sound like some of the more recent recordings, here Gary and Chris (this time SC is a duo) go for a wall of noise approach. Somehow thin and piercing, yet thick and forceful. Each cover is unique and hand-made with various pieces of backyard detritus (roof shingles, grass and weeds, broken shells, dead leaves) glued to a Norelco tape case. Edition of 8..

kt011: lap dancer - japan, brazil 3"cdr (Out of Print)

More from this iBook abuser with releases on Swampland Noise, X Died en Route Y, Obscurica and more. Harsh and unrelenting noise stink spread over 5 tracks and 19+ minutes. The sexiest release I’ve ever done. Hand made, with photocopied covers and insert. Spray painted cdrs. Edition of 20.

kt012: 101! – geezer bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Ultra harsh brain scrape assault. Gritty, fuzzy and just plain unpleasant … you’ll love it! Edition of 10.

kt013: roxanne jean polise – penanggalen bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Erie drone build-up from this MI up and comer with a slew of releases on various labels. If Hive Mind’s “Sand Beasts” took place in a hospital instead of an analog synthesizer graveyard, and lasted 5+ minutes, you’d get “penanggalen”. Packaged in prayer offering envelopes from a local catholic church and comes with two found slides, and spray painted cdr. Edition of 15.

kt014: jake vida/tusk lord – split c20 (Out of Print)

Ontario’s Jake Vida offers two tracks of totally vicious, emotional pedal noise. Brutalizing layers of static and rumble, screams muffled in static. Crushing and painful as well as exhilarating. Tusk Lord brings a more brooding, side-long piece. Not unlike his s/t cdr, this track has an unsettling effect. High pitched tones and low pitched tone have an argument. Nice photocopy collage j-cards and recycled paper with hand made/individually created ink pad weirdness. Edition of 20.

kt015: sunshine california – gross tape vol. 4 one-sided c62 (Out of Print)

Further gross adventures! Somewhat reminiscent of his disc on Obscurica. Guitars dry heavy static in fits and stars before vomiting up this little treasure ... Spray painted tapes packaged in a hand made paper sleeve and spray painted shrink wrap enclosed in a zip lock bag of dirty shredded paper. Edition of 10.

kt016: filthy turd - death, drugs and porno c50 (Out of Print)

The title says it all; two side-long pieces of filth from this UK killer. This is the soundtrack of moral decay. Essential. Spray painted tapes and sexy j-cards. Edition of 25.

kt017: foutredieu!!! – the pros and cons of pyrotechnics bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Sombre piano loops soon smothered in layers of death-static. Guaranteed to induce headaches! Spray painted cdrs and nice wraparound photocopied covers. An aesthetic sequel to the Lap Dancer cdr. Edition of 10

kt018: eat your makeup – shit, blood and death conceal treasures bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Fast paced and furious! Chris from Athenian Mercury jams some noise to run away from skinheads by: violent but uplifting. Packaged in a 3”CDr case, with gross photocopied inserts. Edition of 11.

kt019: hardline elephants – total deck failure bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Self-described “no talent tape deck horror” from Belgium and Freaks End Future. Swallowing and choking noises give way to bursts of percussion and found sound. An audio scrapbook about being suffocated in a bag full of tape hiss. Packaged in regular slimeline CDr cases and and hand-assembled heavy-stock paper covers. Edition of 11.

kt020: kakerlak – every man has his passion (dedicated to rudolf pleil) b card cdr (Out of Print)

Absolute hatred. Like a knife to the guts, this little slice of audio horror will make you bleed. Falls somewhere between 80s lo-fi power electronics and early 90s noise (macronympha, pain jerk, 666vbn, etc). A wall of noise to rival the masters of the genre. Spraypainted cdrs. Easily worth the wait. Edition of 25.

kt021: circuits – brain leaks and organ shrieks cdr (4$)

Do you remember that first tape from 2004 on Friendly Biceps? No? Well, don’t miss this. Layers of machine-drone and harsh noise loops. Amazing. Painted CDrs and minimal sleeves (apologies to JCM) Ed. of 15.

kt023: mutant ape – grim work 3”CDr($4)

It's grim work if you can get it ... Three tracks from this UK maniac. Releases on too many labels to name, including his own Turgid Animal label. Recommended if you enjoy blood streaming from your ears. More thematic then his previous work, but follows similar static-hate throw down you've come to know and love! Hand-made covers, painted cdrs, cum stain glue jobs. Edition of 22.

kt024: headcleaner – headcleaner c60 ($4)

From a friend’s cassette archives comes this terrifying vision of what could have been. Scathing, piercing, and soothing; Made sometime in ’96, this recording falls somewhere among a train wreck of influences, including Neubauten, Eno, Fripp, early Skinny Puppy. Made with reel to reels, wooden tables, voice, mic stands, oscillator, reverb unit, turntables, objects, etc. Spray painted covers and tape labels. Edition of 25.

kt026: various artists – flawless flace c90 (Out of Print)

Harsh heads will dig this one: A track each from tygr! tygr! (some of you may remember his "Mugshots" track), Filthy Turd (noise perv extraordinaire), The Seven Arts (atmospheric harsh noise from New York) and December 23 rd (gritty sickness). Features random excerpts from Chinese audio books. Nice red and blue covers with hand stencilled titles and Groundfault-ish hand painted/inked labels. Edition of 25.

kt027: cracked dome – dead spirits waging war 3”cdr ($4)

Further conjurings of despair and repulsion from one half of the sunken. Amazing, almost ambient/drone decay. Sounds for the hunted. Painted CDrs. Ed. of 20.

kt028: taliban – dragon ladies elbow 2xc10 ($5)

Four sides, each with a different feel and personality: psycho snake charmer; broken radio repairman; flute and keyboard jams with your stoned cousin on Boxing Day, after you had too much spiced egg nog; that bad dream you keep having where you get eaten by static. Let’s face it, they do shit different in k-zoo! Ed. of 35.

kt029: lume – bandit c12 ($4)

Lo-fi guitar fuckery from Belgium. Somewhere between Loren Mazzacane Conners and those tapes you made on your parents' stereo when you were 14, lies Lume's explorations. Naïve noise, maybe? Feedback, metal objects, guitar, soul. Thanks for listening. Edition of 20.ONLY A FEW LEFT

kt032: sunshine california/eat your makeup – split cdr ($4)

At last … Sunshine throws down another killer duo recording. If you dug their “Ghost of Jack” CDr, you’ll like this one for sure. 20+ minute jam to unclog your ear canals. Eat Your Makeup steps up with some killer pedal noise. Dynamics are the name of the game here. Painted CDrs. Ed. of 23.

kt033: fecalove – aesthetics cdr ($4)

22 tracks of room-tone ambiance and violent pedal noise from one of the guys responsible for coco and fiend friend and splinter vs. stalin. Laser printed covers and painted cdrs. Ed. of 23.

kt035: bear bones, lay low – backward arrow c30 Ed. of 24. ($4)

Killer drone jams from Belgium! One side moan-along rot, another epic string build up till eventual collapse. Great stuff here. Covers printed on weird textured paper, and hand inked labels. Ed of 24. ONLY A FEW LEFT

kt036: jake vida – corrosive memory bcard cdr (Out of Print)

Harsh feedback workout from Ontario's Vida. If you dug his stuff on the c20 split I did earlier this year, you'll know what to expect. Violent and caustic pedal abuse. Comes in hand assembled/painted slip cases with painted cdrs and a photocopies insert. Ed. of 20.

kt037: abortion focus group – transit and stadia c10 (Out of Print)

Older, embryonic solo experiments given new life. Slow rolling drones and heavily treated sounds; Gritty and soothing. Decayed tones envelop your brain and won't let you sleep. Broken, late-night buzz and half dead chamber choir moan. This is REQUIEM music for broken headphones and blown speakers. Ed. of 10.

kt038: betty – clamped spline bcard cdr ($3)

More UK gunk! Static-clot, junk electronics from Betty. Thick like mud and molasses. Beautiful! Hand-inked covers, pained cdrs. Ed of 20.

kt041: the sunken – nightmarijuana c90 (Out of Print)

Two side-long paint peelers from Kelso, WA's THE SUNKEN. One side has a mud-thick base coat of white noise/static bleed, with a heavy dose of pain screech knife fight on top. The other side kicks it up a notch with a remix. As if it wasn't messed up enough! Hideous in the best possible way ... Green j-cards and light pink inserts. These have my favorite tape labels to date. Ed. of 24.

kt044: Idiosycrasia – FILT_H 3”CDr ($4)

“The band leads you through different landscapes, which are disfigured, alienated in their idiosyncratic way, preferably toward a discrete but evident optimism.” Absolutely stellar and stunning, yet with a brooding quality. This is the BIG BANG and eventual decay. This is drowning. This is a slow motion love song for early mornings and seeing the earth from the moon. Totally outstanding ambient/drone hymn. Painted CDrs and textured paper covers. Ed. of 29

kt046: lap dancer – himitsu chudoku 3”CDr ($4)

Another curveball from Jamie. Painful and unpleasant, minimal and disturbing. The sound of violent thoughts repressed. Minimal sine wave work and sample manipulation on this disc. This gave me a stomach ache. The noise equivalent of Todd Solondz’s “Happiness” ? Ed of 28.

kt049: david payne – feedback#14: rat in the rudder case recycled c30 (Out of Print)

More recordings using feedback as the sole sound source. You may know DP from his work with Offensive Orange and Fossils. This total brain scrape harsh-scapes. Hamilton RULES! Weird orange covers and light blue inserts with a Persian/Linguistic theme (sort of). Taped on to old Chinese audio books. Ed of 13.

kt052: Nightronics 3”CDr ($4)

International noise collab from your favourite noise dorks. Heavy breathing/field recordings thru pedals and electronic nonsense. Laser printed covers and painted CDrs. Ed of 15.