I really have to get Dreamweaver or something.
New stuff in the discog section. Mostly stuff on CDr. Some tape, but more tape soon. And card CDrs. And CDrs. SOON.
Wapstan pre-orders are being mailed out now. Thanks for waiting.


Sorry for the cold shoulder! I just hate computers!
New stuff in the discog section. Check it out. Some stuff is sold out already. Sorry
More new stuff soon, and I'll update the site. Probably.



Hey folks,
I'm still in the middle of exams right now, but I'm taking a break to do some label-related housekeeping. Big update this month:

1. New Releases
2. Wapstan CDr/T-shirt Pre-order
3. Upcoming in late December
4. Upcoming in '06

kt015: sunshine california gross tape vol. 4 one-sided c62 ($4)
kt029: lume bandit c12 ($4)
kt035: bear bones, lay low backward arrow c30 Ed. of 24. ($4)
kt036: jake vida corrosive memory bcard cdr ($3)

The following are still available

kt026: various artists flawless flace c90 ($4)
kt037: abortion focus group transit and stadia c10 ($4)

Check the discog and order sections for info/ordering.


More next-level drone from Brise-Cul's Martin Sasseville! Blanket yourself in snow-white drone (physically as well as aurally!). CRs will come in spraypainted white digipaks with painted a CDr and insert. The shirt will have the classic Waptsan logo in off white on a white shirt. I will be taking pre-orders for these until the 15th of January. Please make sure to specify what size you want! (SM-XL) I will be making only as many as have been ordered so get 'em now. $21 to the US and Canada, $30 to the rest of the world.

The Kakerlak bcard CDr has been delayed yet again due to more burner problems. I hope to resolve these before December, and will make them available as soon as possible. The Betty bcard will be available at the same time. I meant to have it for this week, but alas, I can't get the art the way I want it. Soon, but not yet. The Mutant Ape 3"CDr will be ready soon as well. I'm finalizing the art. It will be available in the next few weeks.

In the works for 06:

kt008: vikkkings trenched coat + 3 cdr
kt021: circuits brain leaks and organ shrieks cdr
kt022: ichorous manipulation c10
kt024: headcleaner headcleaner c60
kt025: roxanne jean polise rock in your shoe that got you pregnant 4xc12, 3"cdr, 2xreel loops
kt027: jake vida tba 3"cdr
kt028: taliban dragon ladies elbow 2xc10
kt030: okamasan - tbd bcard cdr
kt032: sunshine california/eat your makeup split cdr
kt033: fecalove aesthetics cdr
kt034: coarse bangor - tbd c12
kt039: Kenneth Bianchi Family Tree/December 23rd split c10
kt040: hardline elephants/lume split c20
kt041: the sunken nightmarijuana c90
kt042: various artists - Belgian comp (with Syncophanticide)
kt043: filthy turd tbd c40
kt044: Y.E.R.M.O. - tbd 3"CDr
kt045: filthy turd/oscillating innards split bcard cdr
kt046: lap dancer - himitsu chudoku 3"cdr



Happy Hallowe'en. New tapes and cdrs will be ready soon. You'll like 'em.


Everything is sold out. Sorry. If you want a copy of the Filthy Turd c50 check with Eeyow; he'll have some. Or with distros or something. But not to worry! I'm almost finished the c90 comp ... Keep your whatevers peeled!


Two new card CDrs and changes to shipping. Check the "discog" and "order" pages.


I'm back!

New stuff very soon: I've rec'vd all the right masters
and will get more soon! School is a drag right now, so things have slowed
down a bit, but it'll all get done in due course.

There will be adjustments
to the shipping rates with the next update, so please make sure to check that
out before you order. Thanks!

Knife in the Toaster will be on holidays from the 15th of August to the 1st of September. I will be mostly unavailable during this time, and will not process any orders, so don't send any. I'll answer what emails I can, but I doubt I'll have much ready acess to email while on holiday.

In the meantime, here are the upcoming releases for this year:

kt019 hardline elephants total deck failure bcard cdr
kt018 eat your makeup bcard cdr
kt016: filthy turd death, drugs and porno c50

kt015: sunshine california gross tape vol. 4
kt020 kakerlak every man has his passion (dedicated to rudolf pleil) bcard cdr
kt021 circuits brain leaks and organ shrieks cdr
kt022 ichorous manipulation c10 and 1" pin
kt024 headcleaner headcleaner c60
kt025 roxanne jean polise boxed set (more info as I get it)
kt026 various artists flawless flace c90 (still waiting on one track)

That's all.


NEW Releases. Check the DISCOG section for info.